Mobility Scooters – What’s The Difference?

We did a little research and there are over a dozen manufacturers of scooters, and those manufacturers make dozens of models…that equates to hundreds of scooters on the market.  What’s the difference in all these models?  Which is right for you?

Scooters are great for anyone who has difficulty walking at times; maybe long distances are an issue or maybe it’s different times of the day/night when walking is hard.  Scooters are controlled by handlebars with both hands so they feel very sturdy for people.  Powered wheelchairs are controlled by a pendant on either arm of the chair, so some people feel more comfortable in a scooter.

3-Wheel Scooters
     – They typically have a tighter turning radius
– Variety of sizes to accommodate many weights
– Most of them come apart in 3-5 parts for easier transport

4-Wheel Scooters
– Sturdier than the 3-wheel scooters
– Larger and can hold more weight capacity than most 3-wheel scooters
– Some do not come apart for easy transport

How fast do they go?
– 5 – 15mph

How long does the battery charge last?
– From 12 miles to 30 miles

So with all of these options and varieties – which is right for you?  Like we always recommend, get into one of our stores and try them out.  We stock both 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters so come on in and take them for a spin. / 866-405-6806 /


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The All New Wheelchair Accessible Honda Pilot

This month, Vantage Mobility International (VMI), launched their long awaited wheelchair accessible Honda Pilot.

vmi honda pilot

VMI takes pride in producing the easiest to use, most accessible mobility solutions in the world.  The Honda Pilot SUV with its innovative manual in-floor ramp offers the perfect combination of simplicity, space and style. You’ll find exceptional wheelchair maneuverability and room for the family. It’s equipped with practical features, such as a ramp that’s easily stowed out of the way, a removable front passenger seat for greater seating flexibility, and plenty of usable storage.

wheelchair accessible honda pilot

VMI vehicles with Access360 set a new standard for wheelchair accessibility
and maneuverability because they provide more of what you want and
need. More space for large power chairs to enter the vehicle and maneuver
comfortably, more flexibility with a removable front seat and confidence that it
will deliver a superior experience.

Other Features Include:

  • Obstruction-Free Doorway: Safe entry and exit without deploying the ramp for able-bodied passengers.
  • In-Floor Ramp: Stowed ramp is protected within the vehicle floor with no squeaking or rattling and keeps dirt and debris out of the vehicle cabin.
  • Front and Mid-Row Access: Flexible seating lets wheelchair users sit in the front or mid row.
  • Interior Lighting: Overhead, floor and door lighting makes wheelchair securement easier in lowlight conditions.
  • All VMI conversions come with 3 year / 36,000 mile* warranty coverage!

wheelchair accessible honda pilot

Watch a demonstration video:

Call us today for a demonstration of this awesome option for an accessible vehicle!  866-405-6806!

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