Safety is our #1 Prority!

We hate to hear stories like this, but when we do we are always relieved when our customers escape a vehicle accident unharmed.

Mr. Ohlde bought his wheelchair accessible van from us last October.  It was a new 2016 BraunAbility Chrysler Town & Country van that the Veteran’s Administration helped him purchase.  He was in our office on Friday, September 4th, 2018 having the hinge on his Braun fold-out ramp replaced. Shortly after leaving our office he called us to see if we had a rental van available.  A drunk driver had crossed the center line and hit his van head-on.

Totaled accessible van

His caregiver Teresa was driving and quickly steered towards the guard rail so the Subaru hit the driver side of the van.  Norm was secured in the front passenger seat in his EZ Lock.  He was not injured in the accident although his van and the car that hit him were both totaled.  His wheelchair sustained some damage as well.  Teresa also walked away with a few scratches on her lower legs.  The drunk driver left in bad condition in the ambulance. Norm called us before EMS had even finished as he wanted to get the rental secured.  I am including the pictures of Norm in the rental, as well as his van the Subaru that hit him.  The EZ Lock wheelchair securement likely saved his life.  😊

Norm in his rental, hours after his terrifying car accident.

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Mobility Scooters – What’s The Difference?

We did a little research and there are over a dozen manufacturers of scooters, and those manufacturers make dozens of models…that equates to hundreds of scooters on the market.  What’s the difference in all these models?  Which is right for you?

Scooters are great for anyone who has difficulty walking at times; maybe long distances are an issue or maybe it’s different times of the day/night when walking is hard.  Scooters are controlled by handlebars with both hands so they feel very sturdy for people.  Powered wheelchairs are controlled by a pendant on either arm of the chair, so some people feel more comfortable in a scooter.

3-Wheel Scooters
     – They typically have a tighter turning radius
– Variety of sizes to accommodate many weights
– Most of them come apart in 3-5 parts for easier transport

4-Wheel Scooters
– Sturdier than the 3-wheel scooters
– Larger and can hold more weight capacity than most 3-wheel scooters
– Some do not come apart for easy transport

How fast do they go?
– 5 – 15mph

How long does the battery charge last?
– From 12 miles to 30 miles

So with all of these options and varieties – which is right for you?  Like we always recommend, get into one of our stores and try them out.  We stock both 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters so come on in and take them for a spin. / 866-405-6806 /


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